The Queen & Mr Brown

James Francis Wilkins

Picture books for 5 to 8-year-old children.

The crazy adventures of the Queen of England and Mr Brown the corgi. The Queen has a secret passion – natural history. She and Mr Brown befriend the animals who live in London’s Natural History Museum. They travel in Conkerdor, the animals’ space transporter in the form a giant conker, to meet quirky members of the animal world.

Striking illustrations. Delightfully silly humour. They are great to read aloud and excellent as early readers. Every story around 1500 words.

Published in association with Natural History Museum, London

What the Critics say

The Cast

The Queen

Very curious, optimistic
and always polite.

Mr Brown

The Queen's critical friend,
faithful as only a dog can be.

Polar Bear

Matriarch of the animals
who live in the museum.


The wry guide
on Conkerdor


The space transporter

The Palace

Buckingham Palace,
London's most famous palace.

The Museum

The world famous
Natural History Museum
in South Kensington